Use for crunchy vegetables and fruit e.g. cucumber, root vegetables, cabbage, plums, blueberries etc. to give a deep fruity, pickled flavour.

Basic principles:

Weigh your ingredient, add 2% salt and wait, the naturally occurring lactobacillales will ferment the vegetables turning sugar (glucose) to lactic acid. The salt inhibits other microbes (possibly harmful) as does removing oxygen from the environment by keeping submerged in water.

Experiment 1.

Lacto-fermented Swede

Thoroughly clean a kilner type jar with a seal by running through a dishwasher cycle or filling with boiling water from the kettle and drying in a warm oven.

250g Swede or turnip cut into fine strips
5g Salt (non-iodized salt is best)

Add the salt to the cut vegetables and mix and squash with clean hands until a fair amount of moisture has leached out. Pack into the clean jar along with the liquid, top up with a little water to completely submerge. If the jar isn’t full, fill a small zipped freezer bag with water and place on top to keep the vegetables submerged.

Leave at room temperature for 5 – 7 days to ferment, open jar to release any gas produced every couple of days. Taste and when desired flavour is acheived store in fridge until used.

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