At Smorgas we believe we first eat with our eyes so we present our dishes as an inviting ‘Smorgasbord’ for you to peruse and select whatever takes your fancy.

Our menu changes daily and includes soups, salads and baked goods alongside our trademark open-faced sandwich selection.

Our everyday soups and salads are vegan and do not contain gluten*, you can of course add to these to suit your own preferences. Gluten free bread and baked goods* are also available.

Our dishes are clearly labelled to indicate if they are suitable for Vegetarians (V), Vegans (VG), and those who follow a Gluten (GF) or Dairy (DF) free diet. We also indicate the presence of known allergens, click here to consult our allergen key.

We also serve a selection of hot and cold drinks: Drinks Menu.

*Smorgas is pleased to offer a variety of options which do not naturally contain gluten, however we are not a completely gluten-free cafe and although we take great care in our food preparation we take cannot ensure that cross contamination will never occur, this relates to gluten and other allergens that may be present in the environment.

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